Pumpa v0.9.3

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I just made a very minor release of Pumpa: v0.9.3, mainly to fix an issue with the newer version of libtidy in Debian testing. Here's the changelog:

  • Fixed bug related to libtidy version compatibility. (Closes: #834031)
  • Added option to set font_size manually in pumpa.conf.
  • Updated German translation (courtesy of @Bd Sn).

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I think those have been fixed in the new package (except for the HTTPS thing, which I don't control). The package was already accepted to unstable :-)

sazius at 2016-11-07T20:17:05Z

Just spotted that. I'll fire up the backportpackage script to copy it to my testing PPA before I go to bed tonight.

Stephen Michael Kellat at 2016-11-08T04:11:37Z

Testing, testing,.. Pumpa 0.9.3 is now in Debian testing, and works perfectly!

Timo Kankare at 2016-11-18T15:07:15Z

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Great to hear! :-) Sorry it took so long to fix!

sazius at 2016-11-20T17:26:40Z