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I've got one of those Intel NUC computers with an SSD drive as media computer (running Debian naturally). This was the second time that it was unable to find the drive when booting. Physically removing and reattaching the drive fixed the problem both times. However, I wasn't able to see any problem in how it was attached to the motherboard... very annoying problem :-/

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Sounds like you should do a backup as fast as possible.

Michael at 2014-11-09T17:28:19Z

Don't worry, I do backups every day :-) And the SSD just has my Debian install + some configs, all the media files are on my NAS.

sazius at 2014-11-09T17:50:48Z

Okay, great. So next step should be checking if you are having guarantee on it.

Michael at 2014-11-09T18:19:14Z

I do actually. I just need to figure out exactly what the problem is. Is it the SSD drive, or something with the connection to the drive? Because the drive seems to work perfectly fine in between...

sazius at 2014-11-09T18:20:42Z