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Hey, people that have requested the ability to change the font size in Pumpa, what exactly do you mean? The font of the posts, or also the GUI fonts? Is it a high DPI issue, or something else?

If it's high DPI, I suppose ideally it should be solved on a Qt-wide level, and not in Pumpa.

If you can test it, in the Pumpa git repository there is now a version where you can set the font size of the posts in the config:


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is it using a qt api for that or via webkit?

Michael at 2016-09-17T04:34:41Z

I just want to have the text a bit bigger so its easer to read

(thought of font size but probably doesn't have to be that if theres another easier way)

Michael at 2016-09-17T04:41:18Z

So, from this discussion I gather that what I have implemented in git master should be enough: i.e. there is an option to change the font size of the post contents. I should probably add it to the UI settings panel as well.

sazius at 2016-09-17T08:31:01Z

In Pumpa it's all Qt, no webkit.

sazius at 2016-09-18T06:08:18Z