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Yay, my Fairphone 2 arrived - a week early :-) Current status: replacing the Google-infested standard Fairphone OS with the Fairphone Open OS. They are probably the only manufacturer that provide such an option. They even recommend using F-droid :-)

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re g - infested stuff

they have g-tagmanager javascript on that page ..

should I be worried?

I've seen related third-party javascript get up to too much mischief on lots of sites in the last couple of years.

(sometimes it even prevents pages from loading)

Nothing bad happened when I looked at the page but seeing that javascript on there does worry me.

Michael at 2016-12-10T03:29:28Z

analytics scipt spotted on the forum too - scary

Michael at 2016-12-10T03:32:40Z but why is the infested version the default? Can't help but wonder why fairphone and copperhead don't work together to make the world better.

Kevin Everets at 2016-12-10T11:28:01Z

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I don't know. Probably because that's what their customers want. Fairphone 1 was Google-free by default and you had to install Google apps on top of that if you wanted it.

sazius at 2016-12-10T15:02:04Z

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